3 St. Patrick’s Day Math Crafts

I always know that spring is right around the corner when St. Patrick’s Day hits. Meet your students and their energy on his holiday with a fun activity that will keep them learning.  Try one of these 3 St. Patrick’s Day math crafts this upcoming holiday season!

St. Patrick’s Day Place Value Math Craft

To do this activity with your students, cut strips of red, orange, yellow, green and blue paper. Provide students with white paper to draw and cut a cloud and a pot of gold. On the pot of gold, students will choose and write a 2 or 3 digit number. On the colored strips, students will write their number in a variety of forms including
  • Unit Form
  • Word Form
  • Expanded Form
  • Place Value Drawing
  • Even or Odd
  • Equation
  • Etc!

I like using the cloud for 1, 10 or 100 more or less. These are so colorful and make for a beautiful spring bulletin board! 

St. Patrick’s Day Partners of Ten Math Craft

This activity is perfect for a kindergarten or first grade class. Before creating the craft, make an anchor chart showing all of the combinations of 10. On strips of rainbow colored paper students will then draw circles to represent the partners of 10. Tape or glue the strips onto a page of white paper and add a pot of gold to complete the craft.

Equivalent Fractions St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Create a quick and fun sorting activity. Draw and color a rainbow with 2 pots of gold. Write a fraction on each pot of gold.
Use yellow paper to create little “gold pouches” on each pouch, students will write fractions equivalent to the fractions written on the pots of gold.
This activity makes for a great assessment. It’s really just a fraction sort! Your students will be enjoying themselves and they won’t notice 🙂
If you are looking for a QUICK way to introduce any of these activities to your students, I have created templates and planning pages. A quick “print and go” will have your students engaged and ready to go!

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