Free Number Sense Boosters

Could your students’ number sense use a boost? These quick and simple activities improve number sense while engaging your students.

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Hands-On Fraction Materials

You absolutely MUST start with hands-on activities for fractions. It’s an abstract concept that can easily be made concrete for your learners. But keep in mind that all math manipulatives are NOT created equally! Various tools offer varying levels of support to your students. While you certainly don’t need every

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Simplifying Math Intervention Data

Collecting data for math intervention does not need to be an overcomplicated task! There are a few types of data you need to make sure you are collecting that will allow you to feel confident in your assessment strategy. 3 Types of Math Intervention Assessment Data A challenge when it

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3 Engaging Ways to Anchor Your Math Intervention Lesson

You’re starting a new topic in your math intervention small groups. You know that you want to build UNDERSTANDING in your students rather than just “showing them how to [insert topic here]. You know that math intervention is so much MORE than doing a worksheet together at a small group

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5 Elements of a Strong Math Intervention Plan

It’s so easy to get caught up in the ever-growing list of things you should or could be doing during your math intervention time but I’m more interested in simplifying and implementing the basics well! The #1 resource I will recommend when it comes to knowing the absolute *musts* in

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Happy Teacher Appreciation 2024

It’s time to celebrate you and all of the hard work you do for your students and their families. Every day this week you will have access to a new FREE resource along with a special dollar deal designed to save you money, but more importantly, TIME this spring! **The

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Comparing Fractions Through a Number Sense Building Lens

Building number sense doesn’t need to be a separate activity in your classroom. Teaching comparing fractions? Let’s boost your student’s number sense in the process! How can we build number sense? We can build our student’s flexibility with numbers by strengthening their understanding of number relationships including: Each of the

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Stuck on a Math Skill? Ask these 3 Questions!

We’ve all experienced the feeling when a student is stuck on a math skill. Getting unstuck can be as simple as asking these 3 questions. They will guide you in terms of the most effective steps you can take to get moving forward again! Question #1: Could My Student Demonstrate

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