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Area and Perimeter Activities Heading

4 Area and Perimeter Activities That Bring Math To Life!

Area and perimeter can initially be difficult to remember for your 3rd and 4th grade students. Use these area and perimeter activities to bring math to life and your students will replace their confusion with concrete memories and deep understanding! Make It BIG! Using a material such as magnet tiles,

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Word Problem Strategies for All Students

You have probably received mixed messages about teaching your students to understand word problems. Should you use tape diagrams or number bonds? Should your students draw pictures or should you tell them to only draw circles? Should you teach the arithmetic before asking students to apply that math to a

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Understanding Comparision Word Problems

Why is it that comparison word problems are particularly difficult for elementary school students? There are several challenges present in these specific types of word problems that we don’t have to contend with when we are doing more simple problem types such as put together, take apart, add to, or

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Keywords are NOT the Key to Word Problems

  Solving word problems is hard. Word problem keywords seem like a logical solution but this strategy will make solving word problems even more difficult. Like really, really hard. In a world where reading comprehension, logical thinking, math computation, and visualization come together, word problems were born. As teachers, we

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