Learn how to differentiate your math instruction so that even your most struggling learners are successful within your classroom.

In This Free Workshop You Will Learn...

The 3-Step Differentiation Framework

The 3-step framework you can use to create a differentiated lesson from scratch OR make-over a current lesson so that it meets the needs of each of your students.

Scaffolding With The End In Mind

When we differentiate, we often put scaffolds in place. We'll talk about how to do this in a way that supports your students now while keeping in mind that you don't want those supports in place forever!

Beyond Differentiation

When to differentiate within your lesson and when you might need to look beyond traditional differentiation to support your students.

This FREE Workshop Is For You If...

You Are A Classroom Teacher

You often look at your most struggling learners and wonder if their needs are truly being met through classroom math instruction. You want simple strategies to use to be sure they are successful on a daily basis.

You Are A Math Interventionist

You are working with students with a wide range of strengths and needs but the vast amount of research on math intervention makes everything feel like a priority. You want to differentiate effectively within your small groups while giving each of your students what they need.

You Are A Special Education Teacher

It can often feel like your students’ gaps are too wide and their needs too varied. You want to be sure you are effectively differentiating instruction so your students can get as much as possible out of tier 1 lessons.

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