3 Ways To Get Ahead On Your Math Intervention Plan

The hardest part about trying something new is just getting started. Set yourself up for success in the year ahead by getting out in front of your math intervention plan.

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When your students arrive and when needs start to become apparent, you will already have a plan in place so you can simply pick it up and begin!

Start With Tier 1

Look at your tier 1 pacing guide. List out the months of the year and the topics that will be taught in tier 1 during each month of the year.

Now reflect, what are the topics that are generally most difficult for your students? What are some of the reasons why those topics are so difficult? What prerequisite or foundational skills do your students need to have in place so that these topics aren’t so difficult in the future?

Map Out Math Intervention

Look at the foundational needs you indicated for each tier 1 unit, this will become the basis of your math intervention planning.

For example, if you see that in December, tier 1 instruction focuses on the “Make a Ten” strategy for adding numbers together, you might note that you need to focus on partners of ten in November because it is a critical foundational skill.

Getting these foundational skills on your calendar now will help ensure that your students are successful in tier 1 instruction!

Plan for Independence

While some students will need specific and targeted instruction in a small group setting (math intervention!) your whole class will benefit from practice around these foundational skills during independent time. The more independent and fluent your students are in their foundational skills the more easily they will be able to understand new instruction and strategies.

Planning math centers and math games centered on foundational and prerequisite skills will ensure that your students are as prepared as possible for new instruction.

As they say, the best defense is a good offense- getting ahead of potential needs will help your new instruction to run as smoothly as possible.

Intervention Planning Guide

This free math intervention planning guide will help you to prepare for the year ahead!

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