Free Number Sense Boosters

Could your students’ number sense use a boost? These quick and simple activities improve number sense while engaging your students.

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Happy Teacher Appreciation 2023

We’re celebrating a week early! Every day this week you’ll have access to a freebie AND a deeply discounted related resource! Happy Teacher Appreciation- you deserve it! THE SALE PRICES ON DISCOUNTED RESOURCES ARE NOW OVER. THIS EVENT RAN 5/1/2023-5/7/2023. FREE GIFTS CAN STILL BE ACCESSED AT THE LINKS BELOW.

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Comparing Fractions Through a Number Sense Building Lens

Building number sense doesn’t need to be a separate activity in your classroom. Teaching comparing fractions? Let’s boost your student’s number sense in the process! How can we build number sense? We can build our student’s flexibility with numbers by strengthening their understanding of number relationships including: Each of the

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Stuck on a Math Skill? Ask these 3 Questions!

We’ve all experienced the feeling when a student is stuck on a math skill. Getting unstuck can be as simple as asking these 3 questions. They will guide you in terms of the most effective steps you can take to get moving forward again! Question #1: Could My Student Demonstrate

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Valentine’s Day Math Read Aloud & Activities

Lean into the Valentine’s Day fun this month with a Valentine’s Day math read aloud along with some other easy-to-implement Valentine’s Day math activities! Valentine’s Day Math Read Aloud A portion of the links and recommendations below are affiliate links. This means that at no additional cost to you, I will

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Organizing Your Fact Fluency Materials

When it comes to fact fluency it can be easy both to over-simplify *and* to over complicate. Having a clear plan with fact fluency materials at the ready can simplify the task of assessing, instructing and practicing math facts. This post includes links to free and paid resources. Some paid

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Quick Start Math Intervention Resources

If, for whatever reason, math intervention is feeling overwhelming right now, this blog post is for you. These quick-start math intervention resources will help you move from no-plan to ready-to-go in a few short and simple steps. When a project feels too big or too overwhelming it can be easy

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How to Respond to Significant Gaps In Mathematical Understanding

Whether you are a classroom teacher or an interventionist working primarily with small groups you may have encountered a student or group of students who have significant gaps in mathematical understanding. Determining the next steps can feel overwhelming when they seem to need “everything” but we can simplify the process

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