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Could your students’ number sense use a boost? These quick and simple activities improve number sense while engaging your students.

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5 Outdoor Fraction Activities To Try This Spring

When spring comes around and your students are itching to get outdoors, these outdoor fraction activities can help to scratch the itch while still keeping a focus on your math instruction. Create a Human Number Line Going outside gives you the opportunity to go life-sized with your fraction instruction! Create

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End Of The Year Fact Fluency Practice Strategy

Towards the end of the year, I always had that feeling that time was “running out” and there were always a few topics I wanted to have in place for my students before sending them onto the next grade level. Fact Fluency practice was always at the top of the list!

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5 Hands On Activities For Adding and Subtracting Fractions

You absolutely MUST start with hands on activities for adding and subtracting fractions. It’s an abstract concept that can easily be made concrete for your learners. Let’s jump into a few activities you can try when adding and subtracting with like or unlike denominators. When you are considering hands on

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Troubleshooting Subtraction with Regrouping

When you have a student who isn’t “clicking” with the idea of subtraction with regrouping it can be tempting to go out and find more activities and experiences to help them on their way.   In reality, it might not be that your student needs more— there’s a reason this skill

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