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Could your students’ number sense use a boost? These quick and simple activities improve number sense while engaging your students.

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Fly On The Math Teacher’s Wall: Fractions!

Thanks for joining in on the Fly on the Math Teacher’s Wall Blog Hop. This is definitely one of my favorite blog hops out there because it is CONTENT focused! Just a bunch of math nerds talking about instruction 🙂 If you look at the CCLS, fraction standards don’t start

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Addition with Regrouping… The Place Value Way!

A few months ago, I wrote a post on using place value strategies to add two 2-digit numbers.  If you remember, students were decomposing numbers into tens and ones and combining like units. By using base ten blocks, students were able to easily make the connection between the digits in

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Keywords are NOT the Key to Word Problems

  Solving word problems is hard. Word problem keywords seem like a logical solution but this strategy will make solving word problems even more difficult. Like really, really hard. In a world where reading comprehension, logical thinking, math computation, and visualization come together, word problems were born. As teachers, we

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4 Halloween Math Activities to Spice Up The Season!

The fall can be such a fun time in the classroom. Your students are excited about the changing season, the upcoming holiday, and all of the fun fall festivities they are experiencing outside of the classroom. Instead of trying to fight the excitement around Halloween, check out these fun Halloween

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5 And Above, Give It A Shove… No Really….

“5 and above, give it a shove. 4 and below, let it go” “5 or more, raise the score, 4 or less, let it rest” … No, really, let this rhyme rest already.    I propose that we let these poems go. While they might seem like a great trick

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