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Number Sense is NOT a Separate Math Skill!

I’ve talked to more than a few teachers who have mentioned that their students’ weakest area is number sense. “Maybe I should just slow down my instruction and work on number sense for a while.” they say. But here’s the thing- number sense doesn’t need to be separate from your

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4 Relationships You Need to Know to Build Number Sense

You intuitively know which of your students has number sense and, even more evident, you know which students do not have number sense. But how can you develop your students’ number sense? I used to be incredibly frustrated when it came to talking about developing number sense. I knew that some

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YouTube Counting Song Roundup

YouTube is such an excellent resource when it comes to songs and videos. There is an absolute wealth of options on the site especially when it comes to number and counting songs. Sometimes there are almost too many options and crawling through can be very time consuming. Lucky for you

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How Will Subitizing Help My Students?

Subitizing can be one of those skills that we know our students need to have but we aren’t sure when or how to go about making this happen. I want to clear subitizing up for you and to give you some “I can implement this tomorrow” activities to use in

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