FREE Printable Math Manipulatives

Free Printable Math Manipulatives

Why Use Printable Math Manipulatives? 

Using a research-based CRA progression your students will move from concrete tools to drawings and representational models and will ultimately be proficient with abstract equations and ideas. Without manipulatives in the hands of our students we are missing the first and arguably most critical step!

How to Prepare Free Printable Math Manipulatives

The possibilities are endless but focus on a strategy that will give you the longest use to you and your students through the least personal work for yourself! 
  • Print on computer paper and laminate.
  • Print directly onto cardstock.
  • Print pre-colored manipulatives onto white paper.
  • Print black and white options onto a variety of brightly colored
  • papers.
  • Make a full toolkit for each student…. or only prepare the manipulatives you need one unit at a time.
  • Print, cut, and put into baggies for your students.
  • Print, don’t cut, and send home in gallon-sized baggies for your families to prepare.
  • Make preparing and exploring manipulatives a whole lesson!
Some of these materials are tedious to prepare. Consider laminating so that they last longer in the hands of your students!

Free Printable Math Manipulatives

Free Printable Math Manipulatives

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