A clear and simple system for developing math intervention plans that work.

You pride yourself on helping your students succeed.
ALL of your students.

Classroom Teacher

You often look at your most struggling 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade learners and wonder where you should even begin. You know that small group interventions are the key to success but need support to create clear and strategic lessons that will help your students grow.

Math Interventionist

You are servicing 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade students with a wide range of strengths and needs but the vast amount of research on math intervention makes everything feel like a priority. You need a clear path to follow.

Special Education Teacher

It can often feel like your students’ gaps are too wide and their needs too varied. You are supporting them by filling in conceptual gaps, building number sense, building fact fluency… you’re ready to create a cohesive plan.

By the end of this professional development series,
you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the components of a strong math intervention strategy.
  • Know how to develop a teaching plan for any primary math skill from start to finish using CRA principles. Whether or not you have heard of CRA before, we will practice using this framework to build units of instruction that are responsive to students.

  • Feel confident layering number sense boosting strategies on top of your math intervention instruction. Never again will you need to stop your instruction to work on number sense. You will be at ease knowing that number sense is something you are actively building daily.

  • Understand how to build addition and subtraction fact fluency without overwhelm or timed tests– by implementing strategies based on how students acquire basic facts.

  • Feel confident that, given a student with math needs, you would know exactly where to start and how to create a plan that will support them in closing the gap between where they are and their true potential!

Math Intervention Uncomplicated is based on the same framework I use to create my own intervention lessons and units. 

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What's Inside of Math Intervention Uncomplicated?

Week 1

Setting The Course

The best professional development experiences leave you not only with increased knowledge but a plan to put that knowledge in place in your classroom.

Week 1 is all about developing a plan for your learning … a Math Success Plan… so that everything you learn in this course can be directly put into action within your classroom!

Over the course of our four weeks together you will never wonder, Where does this learning fit? How will this look in my classroom? We will take time in week one to understand the big picture in terms of best practices for your math intervention groups so you know exactly what pieces we will be studying and how they fit together. 

We are spending this first week building a rock-solid foundation so that moving forward we can build math intervention plans that are simple and effective. 

Highlights of this Week Include: 

Week 2

Build An Instructional Roadmap

This module is at the heart and soul of math intervention– or math instruction for that matter! 

You will learn to construct lessons and lesson sequences that meet your students where they are and project them to where they need to be

Have you ever had a student who could demonstrate understanding of a skill with manipulatives… but fell apart when the manipulatives were taken away? This is exactly what we are attacking in our week 2 content.We will be diving into hands-on materials and math models while keeping in focus the need to bridge the gap between scaffolds and abstract understanding.

Best of all? We will spend time practicing. We will take the math skills that you are teaching your students and practice creating a roadmap to get your students from where they are to where they need to be. No matter what student or math skill comes at you in the future, you will know exactly how to build a road map that will work for them!  

Highlights of this Week Include: 

Week 3

Layer On Number Sense

Math intervention is only effective if you work towards a goal of not needing math intervention. Working on skills alone won’t help your students to meet that goal- you need to increase their number sense along the way! 

In the third week, we will focus on understanding what number sense is and how we can build number sense in our students inside of the instruction we are already delivering. 

This week is all about learning how to layer number sense boosting visuals, activities and language onto your instruction in an incredibly intentional way so that you are not only closing skill gaps but are also boosting your students overall math sense! 

Highlights of this Week Include: 

Week 4

Bringing In Fact Fluency

Ask any teacher above 1st grade what they wished their students came in knowing and they will answer that they wish they had a better grasp of their basic math facts. 

The problem is that traditional math fact instruction focuses exclusively on the goal (students knowing facts from memory) and often neglects the root of the issue, how students learn and become fluent with their math facts. 

In the final week of the course, we will tackle this problem head-on by learning exactly how students learn math facts from the time they are counting their fingers until the facts are accessed quickly and from memory. 

You will leave this week feeling confident that you have a simple strategy for improving your students’ overall fact fluency and you will have a plan for how to make it happen in your classroom. 

Highlights of this Week Include: 

When you enroll during this limited time period, you'll receive:


Including everything you need to know to create math intervention lessons and units you can confidently implement knowing that even your most struggling learners will find success. 

You will create this plan over the course of the 4 week course so that you are consistently applying your new knowledge. You will walk into your classroom with a concrete plan you can use to teach a math skill and will have the confidence and content knowledge to create a Math Success Plan for any need that may arise for your students. 

Math intervention is only successful if your students, ultimately, no longer need math intervention. You’ll walk away knowing not only how to attend to skill gaps but how to improve students’ overall number sense and fact fluency as well. 

This four-week course will give you the content knowledge you need but also the guidance and practice that is critical to getting the most out of a professional development experience so you can easily implement your new learning in your classroom! 

8 Weeks Live Support in a Private Facebook Group

Intervention Planning Strategy Session

This live training alone is worth your admission to the course! In this live training, you will have the opportunity to see exactly how I structure my math intervention instruction.

I am a firm believer that “If you can predict it, you can prevent it!” We can predict that, even in a small group setting, all of our learners won’t progress at the same rate. That’s why I created a unique system that honors each student’s needs while still maintaining forward progress at all times. I am so excited to share this system with you! 

Not able to attend live? No Problem! A replay will be available. 

Print & Plug Lesson Makeover Kit

You might work in a school that has provided you with a base math curriculum. Or maybe you’ve spent years creating math lessons yourself! Your new learning in this course will probably cause you to take a look at those old lessons and units with new eyes.

I want to make it as easy as can be to make updates. 


The print & plug lesson makeover kit does just that- it’s a step-by-step printable guide that allows you to upgrade your lessons in just a few minutes. Print the guide and tape it inside of your TE as you work through units this year and your work will be done for years to come!

Are you excited yet?

If you are envisioning a simple and effective math intervention pathway in your future, you have the right idea! Math Intervention Uncomplicated is all about giving you the information you need and the tools to make it happen as simply as possible. 

You May Still Have a Few Questions

That answer can be highly personal so let’s walk through what the course offers and the choices you can make. 

Each week you will receive a new set of video lessons for the week. These lessons are quick and under 15 minutes each so you can fit them into small pockets of time. In all, I recommend you set aside approximately an hour per week to watch the course videos.

I am passionate about the fact that a good PD includes a plan for bringing your new learning into your classroom. I provide step-by-step planning templates thoroughout the course that can be completed in as little as 20 minutes per week. If you are wanting to spend more time getting ahead on your planning for the school year you can spend much longer in the planning and practicing phase if you choose to do so! 

You are absolutely welcome to spend more time in the course if you desire and the bonus materials including the live Q & A sessions will allow you to do just that! 

The nice thing about time spent in this course is that it is time you will earn back throughout the school year. I am focused on giving you the information you need to create math plans that are both simple and effective. The time you spend implementing this new learning in creating lesson and unit plans is time you won’t need to spend creating plans this school year- the work will already be done! 

No need to worry, you have more than enough time to go through the course at a pace and timing that works for you!

You will have access to the full course materials for 12 weeks. While new material is released a week at a time, you are free to work at your own pace and around your own schedule!

Summer can be busy and I want this course to work for you! 

Yes, yes, 100% yes! 

Day in and day out your curriculum tells you what to teach your students. The pacing may not (probably won’t) meet the needs of all of your students and differentiation may be a challenge. 

This course is focused on how students learn, not what you should teach them. After completing this course you will quickly be able look at a lesson or unit in your curriculum and understand how you can modify it so that it is more supportive for students the first time through. 

The Print & Plug Lesson Makeover Kit will also be an invaluable asset to you in your planning this school year! It’s a step-by-step printable guide that allows you to upgrade your lessons in just a few minutes. Print the guide and tape it inside of your TE as you work through units this year and your standard curriculum will be more supportive of your students for years to come! 

Great question! We will be studying progressions – how students aquire and become proficient in a variety of math skills. You will practice creating unit sequences that move through these progressions. When you meet your students, you will be so intimately aquainted with the progressions that you will know exactly where to start within that progression with your students. 

We will be most focused on addition, subtraction and place value during this course. If you are providing remediation for students in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade this course will be the BEST fit for you. 

That being said, the teaching strategies are universal to elementary math and would be helpful to any teacher supporting struggling learners. If you are working with 4th or 5th graders, you will be well supported in weeks 1-3 and can still use much of the content in week 4 although you would need to apply the principles to multiplication, division, fractions and decimal numbers. 

I recommend this course for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade teachers or for teachers focusing on addition, subtraction and place value at any elementary level. 

Of course! 

  • Access Into a 4-Week Course Each week you will receive a new set of lesson videos. You will also receive step-by-step instructions for a planning activity that will allow you to put your new learning directly into action (while getting ahead on next year’s planning as well!) 
  • 8 Week of Live Support in a Private Facebook Group The group extends beyond the length of the course so that you have time to work at your own pace while still receiving the support that you need. 
  • 2 Live Q & A Sessions In each of these sessions I will review the content that has been taught thus far and answer your questions. Not able to attend live? No problem! You will have access to recordings of these sessions. 
  • Intervention Planning Strategy Session This live training is a look inside of the structure I use when planning math intervention lessons. If you have ever struggled to balance the fact that your learners all gain knowledge at different paces, this training will be invaluable to you! 
  • The Print & Plug Lesson Makeover Kit Whether you have a curriculum you have been asked to use or whether you have spent years creating units for yourself, this print & plug kit allows you to quickly and simply upgrade your math intervention lessons based on your new learning in this course. I want to make implementation as easy as possible for you and this kit does just that! 

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I Can't Wait To Work Together!

I’ve been to countless math professional developments over the years. So many times I left wondering how the new learning would fit into my classroom.


I would learn about a very specific strategy or teaching technique.

Or maybe I would learn about a new curriculum we were using.

Or maybe I would learn to look at student work with new eyes.


At the end of the day, I had learned new pieces of information but I was still left with a puzzle wondering how (or if?) all of those pieces fit together. 

I knew there had to be more to math instruction than all of these pieces, I needed to figure out how the full puzzle worked together and so I studied. I studied textbook after textbook and article after article until the big picture came into focus. 

I created this course so that teachers like you can understand how students learn math and to give you a clear framework to plan math lessons and units that work. 

I have created this course so you can have the professional development I WISH I had had. 

It is my philosophy that math intervention is working when students no longer need math intervention. That’s why this system focuses on filling instructional gaps, boosting number sense and building fact fluency. I want to help you to create well rounded math students who no longer need math intervention. 

If you are ready to feel confident creating and implementing simple and effective math intervention strategies, please, join me this summer for Math Intervention Uncomplicated! 

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