Why You Need Dedicated Time for Math Intervention

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The number one, most important thing you can do for students who are struggling in math is to meet them where they are and focus on increasing their understanding of numbers and operations. 

That’s it! The secret to math success! 

But here’s the thing, you can not do this without dedicated time for math intervention. 

Let’s talk about why you need to incorporate time into your weekly schedule for math intervention. 


Your Curriculum Isn’t Enough For Students With Gaps

You are pulling the same group of students aside to the small group table daily to help them with their independent math work. 

I’m going to be brutally honest- two months from now you will be pulling the exact same group of students aside because you haven’t addressed the gaps in their math foundation! 

Carving out time to work with your students on their foundational deficits is the only sure way to chip away at needs once and for all. 

Speaking of pulling aside after the lesson… 


Pulling Students Aside To Do Independent Work Together Is Not Math Intervention 

More brutal honesty… When you pull students aside after the full group lesson to work on independent practice together your students are not getting the chance to practice and do math independently. Your most struggling students are now learning that the only way they can be successful in math class is with their teacher by their side. 


Your Students Need Intense Work Around Whole Numbers and Operations

Here’s the good news- when you implement math intervention groups, you will now have the time and space to work on building your students understanding of whole numbers and operations in a way that will help them to close the gap between where they are and the content you are teaching daily. 


Your Students Will Feel Successful and LOVE Math!

Imagine being a student who has sat through a full group math lesson that didn’t *really* make sense every day this school year. 

How do you feel about math? 

Now imagine you are pulled into a small group and given concepts, materials, and practice that you can understand. 

And each time you meet in this group you are successful. 

And each time you meet in this group you can feel yourself growing. 

And each time you meet in this group you feel proud of yourself and your learning. 

You look forward to your small group math time. 

It’s a no-brainer to want to provide this feeling and success for all of your learners. 


You Will Have Irrefutable Evidence of Growth!

When you start to work in small groups, meeting your students exactly where they are, you will absolutely see your students grow. 

In their knowledge. 

In their confidence. 

In their thinking!

And isn’t that really what math should be all about?  

Check out these math intervention units so that you can plan for your small groups without giving up your nights and weekends to make it happen

Included you will find everything you need to teach and assess including pre and post assessment, daily lessons, independent practice and daily progress monitoring! 

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