YouTube Counting Song Roundup

YouTube is such an excellent resource when it comes to songs and videos. There is an absolute wealth of options on the site especially when it comes to number and counting songs. Sometimes there are almost too many options and crawling through can be very time consuming.

Lucky for you I consumed my time on this task so you wouldn’t have to. I spent waaay too much time watching cartoons singing about the numbers 1 – 100. I chose videos that have strong visual cues whether it be the objects counted, the numbers themselves or a combination of the two. I have done my best to sort down below so that this post can be an easy to use resource for you!

**This next one is great when you are ready to start the skill from counting beginning at a given number.

Both of the companies above “LittleBabyBum” and “StoryBots” both have songs for each individual number from 1 – 10

This next song should come with a warning. It WILL get stuck in your head. You have been warned…

**I’m sneaking in this “Count to 20” song as well 🙂

If you are looking for additional kindergarten counting resources, I have a set of math centers and print and go pages devoted to learning the numbers and count sequence to 10. Easy to set up and your students will love them! Click HERE to see more. 

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