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How to Introduce Subtraction

There are a number of misconceptions and errors we can predict when we introduce subtraction to our students. Not understanding that subtraction starts with the total. Not understanding that subtraction can take away or take apart or find the difference. Not understanding that subtraction isn’t just the operation you use

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Fluency Hack: Prioritizing Missing Numbers In Equations

If you are looking to increase your students’ fact fluency, prioritizing the skill of missing numbers in equations is one of the keys to unlocking that skill in your student. If your students have struggled with this skill in the past, you’re not alone! Solving for missing numbers in equations

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How to Improve Fact Fluency Through Fact Family Activities

Your students may be working on fact family activities to better understand the relationship between addition and subtraction or multiplication and division, but did you know that flexibility with these fact family activities also boosts your students’ fact fluency? It’s true! Taking a CRA approach to fact families can help

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