Free Number Sense Boosters

Could your students’ number sense use a boost? These quick and simple activities improve number sense while engaging your students.

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Valentine’s Day Math Read Aloud & Activities

Lean into the Valentine’s Day fun this month with a Valentine’s Day math read aloud along with some other easy-to-implement Valentine’s Day math activities! Valentine’s Day Math Read Aloud This sweet book Valentine’s Day, Here I Come is a collection of short poems perfect for a pre-k through 1st grade

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Organizing Your Fact Fluency Materials

When it comes to fact fluency it can be easy both to over-simplify *and* to over complicate. Having a clear plan with fact fluency materials at the ready can simplify the task of assessing, instructing and practicing math facts. What Fact Fluency Materials Should You Have On Hand? You will

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Quick Start Math Intervention Resources

If, for whatever reason, math intervention is feeling overwhelming right now, this blog post is for you. These quick-start math intervention resources will help you move from no-plan to ready-to-go in a few short and simple steps. When a project feels too big or too overwhelming it can be easy

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How to Respond to Significant Gaps In Mathematical Understanding

Whether you are a classroom teacher or an interventionist working primarily with small groups you may have encountered a student or group of students who have significant gaps in mathematical understanding. Determining the next steps can feel overwhelming when they seem to need “everything” but we can simplify the process

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Getting Started With Numberless Word Problems

Word problems are the place where numbers, operations, and comprehension collide. Numberless word problems are a tool you can use to boost comprehension so that your students can confidently apply their knowledge of numbers and operations to solve. If you’ve never used this tool before, or if you have tried

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The Stress-Free Path To Math Fact Automaticity

If you have a goal around increasing math fact automaticity in your students this year you are in the right place. We’re going to untangle who should be working towards automaticity in the year ahead along with what steps to take to get there in a stress-free way. My 4-year-old

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Math Intervention Planning: Dos and Don’ts

Math intervention planning is a delicate balance between providing your students the time and space they need to understand while also moving with a sense of speed and purpose because you are aiming to close gaps. These tips will help you to accomplish that balance in your math intervention planning.

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Math Intervention Assessment: Dos and Don’ts

Math intervention assessment is not the same as assessing tier 1 math instruction. Following these few simple tips will help you to determine who needs to receive math intervention and where you will start with instruction. Do Use Multiple Data Points… Don’t Expect To Get It All From One Screener

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