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How to Teach Subtraction with Regrouping in 5 Simple Steps

 Teaching subtraction with regrouping using the standard algorithm? You’re in the right spot! But, if you are teaching 1st or 2nd grade, please remember, the written algorithm for addition and subtraction isn’t necessarily the end goal!  Your students need to use strategies based on place value and relate them to

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Blog Header: Don't Introduce Place Value Like This

Introducing Place Value to 1st and 2nd Graders

It’s a common activity used to introduce place value. You give your students a pile of crackers, pretzel sticks and chocolate chips. You tell your students that the crackers are the hundreds, pretzel sticks are the tens and chocolate chips are the ones. You and your students take turns building

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FREE Printable Math Manipulatives

Students learn math best when they can touch, feel, experiment and manipulate the concepts they are learning. Math manipulatives absolutely help facilitate this process. These FREE printable manipulatives are perfect for first or second-grade students.  Why Use Printable Math Manipulatives?  Using a research-based CRA progression your students will move from

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How to Introduce Place Value in 1st Grade

1st-grade students get the first real taste of place value. In kindergarten, your students may have learned to rotely count to 100 and they may have had experiences with teen numbers as ten ones and some more ones, but here in 1st grade you are introducing the idea that the

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Which is the BEST Hands-On Tool for Teaching Decimals?

5th-grade teachers are set with a difficult task. Your students previously spent the majority of their time working with whole numbers in the base ten system. Now, you are supporting your students to build numbers that may be very difficult to model and conceptualize. Thinking CRA is helpful but what tools

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What I Have Learned about Place Value Manipulatives

I recently saw a post on social media with a fun place value activity. The teacher was using saltine crackers as a hundred, thin pretzel rods as a ten and marshmallows as ones. Students would use these materials to build a variety of three-digit numbers. Fun! In general, I don’t

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3 St. Patrick’s Day Math Crafts

I always know that spring is right around the corner when St. Patrick’s Day hits. Meet your students and their energy on his holiday with a fun activity that will keep them learning.  Try one of these 3 St. Patrick’s Day math crafts this upcoming holiday season! St. Patrick’s Day

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3 Valentine’s Day Math Crafts

Valentine’s Day in the classroom has a different energy than a typical school day. Meet your students and their energy with a fun and novel math activity that keeps them learning. Try one of these 3 Valentine’s Day math crafts this upcoming holiday! Valentine’s Day Love Bug Place Value Math

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