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3 Hands-On Graphing Activities To Try With Your Students

When it comes to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, place value… etc. we ALWAYS start with hands-on materials and math manipulatives. But is that always the case with graphing? These 3 hands-on graphing activities will boost your students’ understanding of data and graphing in a big way! Hands-On Graphing Activity

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Attacking Angles

I recently had a conversation with a 4th grade colleague. She had been measuring and drawing angles using a protractor with her student. The trouble was that no matter how much guided practice she provided, how many real life examples, how ever many ways she tried to attack angles, there

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Fly On The Math Teacher’s Wall: Fractions!

Thanks for joining in on the Fly on the Math Teacher’s Wall Blog Hop. This is definitely one of my favorite blog hops out there because it is CONTENT focused! Just a bunch of math nerds talking about instruction 🙂 If you look at the CCLS, fraction standards don’t start

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